Make sure your chimney stays clear

Be sure your chimney remains free of birds; seagulls can become a real pest. Our seagull cages can ensure that your chimney remains clean, clear and safe.

There have been no price increase since we started this small family business over 12 years ago. We are committed to providing excellent customer service at fair prices.

Keeping your chimneys and solar panel safe

We provide a specialist service to stop those annoying seagulls nesting in your chimney stacks. Seagulls are known for returning to nest in the same place every year and if they choose your chimney you’re going to struggle to get rid of them. The most effective way to do this allows us to build and install a specialist seagull cage on your chimney stack. This will protect your stack from nesting birds and potential blockages caused by seagull nests. 
We know how annoying these birds can be and the mess they can cause.Not to mention whilst
you’re trying to hang out your washing or trying to get into your car and you get attacked by seagulls. Once seagulls have nested in your chimney or a local chimney they will do anything to protect their family. 
Seagulls are notorious for leaving a mess and a bad smell which can be a hazard to your health.
Our specially made cages are made to measured manufactured from galvanised steel and best of all, all of our seagull cages come with a 5-year warranty. 

GET A 5 Year Warranty on all our seagull cages

“I would recommend A clean to anyone. They made a pot and cage for me; they came on time and were very friendly. They explained everything that they were doing and they left no mess. I am very happy with the service I got from A Clean Chimney Sweep.”

P Walsh

Just had a bird cage fitted on my chimney to stop seagulls. Service and price was amazing. Done the same day. Would highly recommend and 5 year warranty!!